Interstellar X Magical Melody

The Challenge

The Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest adopts the structure of computer role-playing games. With the ingredients of adventure and innovation, not only Taiwan but also many other countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and 10 others have already taken it as one of the most important activities every year.

We aimed to allow students to combine their knowledge, physical strength, hardiness, creativity and teamwork to fulfill the ultimate requirement of many tasks. This creative way of utilizing what students have learned at school will make learning more interesting and definitely give students a complete different experience.

The Outcome

01 | Interstellar

Participants should make a probe ship and orbit, and arrange the stars in orbit to make the probe ship collide the stars, while the more the probe ship move, the better. During the process, participants are prohibited from using tape. The players need to show their knowledge of mechanics and hands-on skills.

02 | Magical Melody

Participants should read compositions hint and listen the music melody to move crystals to specific area with the limited steps. The players should apply their knowledge in music and route plan.


Jan 2016  - Aug 2016


Tasks Designer
Game Developer


Jinn Lu

Task 1 | Interstellar

Participants need to use sika paper, bamboo chopsticks, clips, marbles, straws, etc. to create a probe ship and track within 45 minutes. Five table tennis balls (stars) should be placed on tracks. After the contestants launch the probe boat, the boat needs to hit the stars to make them drop form track, while the probe ship needs to move forward. The more the distance of the probe ship moved, the higher the scores the contestants gained.

The characteristic of this level is that contestants cannot use tape to make any objects in the process. They must use clips and rubber bands and heavy objects like marbles to reach mechanical balance to complete the task.

Task 2 | Magical Melody

Participants should listen to music while reading number music notations and music scores to get the hints. Then, players determine the absolute position of triangle crystal and arrange the route to allow the crystals to reach the correct position in the fewest number of moving steps.

We hope players show their teamwork ability to assign the works, getting hints, solving the questions, designing the moving route, and moving the crystals efficiently. Players should apply their knowledge of music theory and melody recognition ability to get the correct hints. In addition, they have to use the inferential capability to optimize the route design.