The Challenge

Amuseum is an ETC project team working with the MuseumLab at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to develop a mixed-reality installation inspired by the chain reaction machines found in the cartoons of Rube Goldberg. Using augmented reality, Amuseum will bring to life elements of the machines that would typically be impossible within an enclosed, public setting.

The Outcome

We used the Augmented Reality Edge Network Architecture developed by the Conix Research Center to build the Rube Goldberg cartoon - simple way to send the snail mail. The multiple museum guests could use their mobile device to simultaneously experience magic moments of surprise and humor that are core elements of Rube’s original designs. For examples, when the guest trigger the open of the bird cage in the physical space, the virtual bird would fly across the space.  We  explore and deliver an interconnected series of AR interactions that contextually map onto and react to the museum space.

Project Website: https://projects.etc.cmu.edu/amuseum


Feb 2021  - May 2021


Interaction Designer
Software engineer
Hardware engineer


Adelyn Jin
Bella Lin
Jack McClain
Hao Lu

Final Product

Pillars from Rube Goldberg

Playtest x Interaction Design

Tech Architecture